Wharton Innovation Group

The Wharton School has been a pioneer in business education for more than 125 years. The Wharton Innovation Group was formed in 2010 to take advantage of the wealth of emerging opportunities for innovation in education and scholarship created in part by globalization and technological change.  The Innovation Group functions as a special projects team, supporting and incubating new ideas, and rapidly prototyping and implementing large strategic projects.

Our mission is to catalyze innovation related to all of the school’s objectives. We solicit, identify, and create opportunities. We select those that are most promising. We then collaborate with the operating units of the school to implement the very best opportunities.

The Wharton community has always innovated, and will continue to do so. The Innovation Group aims first to accelerate that organic activity. However, we will also take a leadership role in pursuing longer-term opportunities that span organizational boundaries and whose promise is clouded by significant uncertainty.

Our Approach
We actively engage the entire Wharton community, and even the public at large, to identify opportunities for innovation. We make many small investments in exploring opportunities, and encourage members of our community to explore opportunities on their own based on their own passion and enthusiasm. We aim to make major investments in a few exceptionally promising areas each year.

The Innovation Group is charged with pursuing medium- and long-term opportunities to improve the performance of the Wharton School with respect to its educational, scholarly, and social objectives. The group is led by Karl Ulrich, Vice Dean of Innovation and CIBC Professor of Entrepreneurship and eCommerce. For more information on Professor Ulrich and the team that makes up the Innovation Group, please see our About Us page.

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