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The Wharton School provides the opportunity for a select group (space is very limited and GPA is the most important criteria for selection) of MBA students to spend the fall semester of their second year taking classes in San Francisco.   Residence in San Francisco can be extended by combining it with a summer internship in a Bay-Area company to provide a June through December experience.  All classes and other activities are held at the new Wharton San Francisco campus located at the Hills Brothers Plaza on the Embarcadero.

The Semester in San Francisco combines classroom instruction with extracurricular activities and various kinds of engagement with the regional economy to create a cohesive educational experience.  The specific course electives offered are selected through a process that begins by soliciting proposals from second year MBA students who have expressed interest in the program. In the fall of 2014, the curriculum was focused on entrepreneurship and technology, new product development and the finance of innovation, all of which drew upon the people and resources of the Bay Area.

For those who are not current students, but interested in opportunities to study for their MBA at Wharton San Francisco, information on the MBA for Executives is available here.


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